Property Details

Data Date 2019-10-17
Property Address kont
City memec
Zip 123
Complex Name ziehaxor
Building in Complex memek
Total Shares for Complex lo
Subject Unit Shares lo
Subject Monthly HOA skks
How many are 30 days overdue on HOA nsskdn
Transfer (flip tax) jzjznz
Building Legal Name bzjzn
Property Lease Expiration Date 2019-10-18

Project Lein Data

Lien Priority First Second Other
Lien type (Mortgage,Line of Credit, etc.)
Mortgage Blance
Balloon Mortgage 1 1 1
Remaining Term
Monthly Payment
Interest Rate %
Fixed / Variable Rate 1 1 1
Lien Holder

Project Occupancy

Unit Ownership and Occupancy # OF UNITS % OF PROJECT
Owner Occupied
Sponsor / Developer-Vacant
Sponsor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Market Rent)
Sponsor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Regulated Rent)
Investor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Market Rent)
Investor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Regulated Rent)