Property Details

Data Date 22
Property Address 21
City ghj
Zip bhj
Complex Name b
Building in Complex jb
Total Shares for Complex h
Subject Unit Shares hbj
Subject Monthly HOA b
How many are 30 days overdue on HOA hjb
Transfer (flip tax) jh
Building Legal Name bhj
Property Lease Expiration Date 0000-00-00

Project Lein Data

Lien Priority First Second Other
Lien type (Mortgage,Line of Credit, etc.) cca
Mortgage Blance vhj vhj v
Balloon Mortgage 1 1 1
Remaining Term jh
Monthly Payment v
Interest Rate %
Fixed / Variable Rate 1 1 1
Lien Holder

Project Occupancy

Unit Ownership and Occupancy # OF UNITS % OF PROJECT
Owner Occupied
Sponsor / Developer-Vacant
Sponsor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Market Rent)
Sponsor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Regulated Rent)
Investor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Market Rent)
Investor / Developer-Tanat Occupied(Regulated Rent)